Pulse Clean Air Intake Filters

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Pulse Clean Intake Filters having High Cleaning Efficiency, Constant Pressure drop, Minimum Maintenance, Completely Automatic Operation.

GENIUS Pulse Clean Intake Air Filter Panels combines a unique panel filter concept with a pulse cleaning system which provides a constant flow of filtered Intake air and eliminates the necessity of short-term filter change-out due to high atmospheric dust load conditions. Hence, they are used as clean intake air for Gas Turbines, Compressors and other Clean Air using Machines.

The unique design utilizes a heavy-duty, uniformly pleated filtering media to capture the incoming erosive & corrosive contaminants, air borne contaminants like dust, drysalt nuclei, fly-ash, un-burnt hydrocarbons etc. permitting only cleaned air to pass through. Further, the design permits higher air velocities than the circular cartridge concepts & stabilizes even at the most severe of atmospheric conditions.

These Filter Panels can give high Filtration Efficiency upto 99.9% for fine dust and 99.6% for coarse dust and ensures excellent dust cake release with high air flow and low pressure drop.


Filter Media Cellulose & Polyester Media, 100% Polyester
Filter Class Panel Type.
Configuration Cassette Type.
Dimensions 560 x 1180 x 70 (mm)
* Custom Sizes on Request
Testing Standard ARAMCO-32 AMSS-008/ BS-6540