Blast Furnace Gas Filters

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  • Blast furnace gas filters are crucial components within a steel production facility. They purify the gas produced during the conversion of iron ore into usable metal within a blast furnace. This gas, a byproduct of the process, contains dust particles and other impurities that must be removed before the gas can be used for other purposes, such as heating or power generation.

  • A modernized blast furnace dust catcher has,

  • 1. Bearing metalwork. 2. Modular multi-cyclone element. 3. Outlet tubes. 4. Dust-collecting bin. 5. Dividing barrel.

    1.The material of the filter bag can work for a long term at the temperature of 260℃, and for a short term at the temperature of 280℃. The service life of blast-furnace gas at the temperature of 200℃ may be up to 24 months.
  • 2.The dusting system uses the long-bag pulse or low-pressure nitrogen pulse injection system, having many advantages.
  • 3.Nitrogen is the optimal deashing medium, contains no dust and no moisture, and its dosage is a few. The supporting system cancels the traditional pressurizing blowback fan and a large number of valves and pipeline, not only saving equipment investment, but reducing energy consumption, and has the advantages of safe operation and low automation.
  • 4.The use of long-bag low-pressure pulse deashing technology enhances the purification and dedusting efficiency. Dust content of purified gas should be less than 5mg/m3 (usually, 3mg/m3), solving the problem that gas should be released when pressurizing and blowback deashing, without atmospheric pollution.
  • 5.The control system adopts the PLC for automatic control, basically realizing unmanned operation and reliable operation, minimizing the maintenance workload.
  • 6.The product has been successfully applied in blast furnaces with a capacity of 350m3 or 750m3 or 1050m3 or 1880m3 or 2500m3 or 5000m3 of domestic steel plants.