GENIUS FILTERS AND SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is equipped with state of the art infrastructure that facilitates and fortifies every activity & facet of our business goals. Our modern equipments, under the constant vigil of the specially trained technicians for performance appraisal at all times. The entire workforce had been hierarchically placed for better operation & functioning.

Production Facilities

1. Filtration Systems Manufacturing Unit.

2. Filter Elements Manufacturing Unit, R&D & Filter Elements Test Lab. 

3. Heavy Engineering Workshop.

4 3D Printing Lab.

5. Blade Pleating m/c.

6. Rolling m/c

7. Filter Paper woven.

8. Screen Printing m/c.

9. Pleating Machines.

10. Hydraulic Press Brake & Bending machines.

11. Spot Welding Machines.

12. Ultrasonic Welding Machines.

13. Tig Welding Machines.

14. Mig & Arc Welding Machines.

15. Paint Booth.

16. Perforation Machines.

17. Power Press.

18. CNC Engraving m/c.

19. CNC Laser cutting.

20. CNC Lathe machine

21. CNC Milling machine

22. CNC Laser Cutting machine.

23. CNC Laser welding machine


Our Production Procedures comprises mainly:
Raw material Testing & Inspection, Welding Procedure, Assembly for welding joints, Soundness of weld joints, Soundness of shell, Sand blasting / Internal finishing, Hydro Testing, Painting / Finishing depending upon metallurgy, Final inspection prior to dispatch.

List of Machinery / Tools
Shearing Machines, Bending Machines, Power Press, Welding machines, Lathe machines, Milling machines, Drilling machines, Grinding & Buffing Units, Sand blasting Unit, Painting Booth, Generator for uninterrupted power supply.

Testing offered
Raw material test, Hydro test, Pneumatic test ,Helium test ,Nitrogen test, NDT – Non Destructive Test / Radio Graphy Test, R.A. Value.


Our Production Procedures comprises mainly:
Raw material Testing & Inspection, Development of QAP & Drawings, Design of Components as per design, Design of Panel Filter Frames, Filter Tubes as per design, Electroplating of Sheet metal components, Pleating / rolling of different filter media as per requirement, End Caps production process, End Gaskets production process, Assembly of job, Assembly joints(Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Bonding with epoxy based adhesive), Visual inspection, Performance test, Packing & Dispatch

List of Machinery / Tools
Automatic Shearing machines, Automatic Bending machines, Welding machines (TIG, MIG, Arc, Ultrasonic, Gas), Lathe machines, Pleating machines (Pleat width: 2000mm, depth:5-50mm) Ultrasonic fusing machines for all longitudinal joints & circular joints Electrical cutter to maintain adequate heights of filter media before assembly Hot Air oven for Filter Paper curing, Industrial Hot plates for adhesive setting of Paper Filter assembly. Aluminium Foil making machine, Hot Melt Adhesive Dispenser, Air Compressor with Dryer, Sewing Machine, Reviting Tools, Painting Booth, Generator for uninterrupted power supply.

Inhouse Testing offered
Raw material test, Filter media Pore test ,Multi Pass Test ,Bubble Point Test, Performance test as per BS, IS, ASHRAE, ARAMCO, EN 779


Heavy Engineering Workshop is capacitated with Machines for manufacturing Heavy Products like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Stags, Dust Collection Housing Systems, Air Intake Housing Systems etc.