Duracell RM60 & RM90 Air Filters

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GENIUS Duracell RM60 & RM90 are heavy duty, high efficiency filters designed for use with centrifugal compressors and gas turbines where severe surging and pulsation occur. DuraCel RM has metal cell sides with expanded metal face guards and a flange header on either the air entering side or on both sides. The media pack is folded between aluminium separators in a pleated design and separator edges are longer than inside folds of media. This construction prevents the separators from moving and puncturing the media. The entire construction is mechanically interlocked and involves no pop-rivets, bolts or nuts.

DuraCel RM is available with single or double header.

The filtering efficiency of the RM-90 is in excess of 99% by the weight test method; the filtering efficiency of the RM-60 is 98% by the weight test method.

The efficiency of these filters varies from 98% to 99% and can be used under conditions of humidity upto and including 100% RELATIVE HUMIDITY.



Filter Media: High efficiency, water resistant glass fibre and a separate layer of prefilter glass fibre.
Filter Class: Class 1.
Configuration: Cassette Type.
Dimensions: 592x592x292 (mm), 592x592x292 (mm)
Testing Standard: ASHRAE 52-76, IS-7613 etc

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