Filter Bags, Cages, Venturi

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Filter Bags, Cages & Venturi are used for varied industrial applications. These are used in most bag houses and designed to serve as critical bag house components for optimum bag performance and durability.

GENIUS offers wide range of Dust Collecting, Gas Cleaning and Energy recovery techniques meeting stringent environmental regulations for a variety of particulate Control applications, GENIUS had developed Pulse Jet Bag Filters, Pressure Bag Filters, Suction-type Bag Filters, Gravity separators, Wet and dry type electrostatic precipitators, venturi washers, disintegrators etc. to counter pollution problems. This newly-enlarged line encompasses all major fabrics, such as Nomex®, polyester, polypropylene, Ryton®, P-84, cotton, PTFE, membrane and Teflon®.

GENIUS Fabric Filter Bags are designed to provide extended bag life, maximum filtration efficiency, dustcake release, durability and to minimize operating and maintenance costs while providing superior particulate control performance. A wide variety of filter bags can be manufactured to meet specific application needs like Snapband Cuff, Flange Top, Ring Top, Sleeve Top, Hem Top, Raw Edge , Disc Bottom, Tuffskirt, Wearstrip etc.

GENIUS Cages prevents bag collapse during filtration and aids in the re- distribution and cleaning of the dustcake. A complete range of dust collector cages to fit nearly any manufacturer’s dust collector is available. Most are constructed of 11-gauge galvanized wire using a 12 vertical wire design, which extends dust collector bag life by providing extra support. Also available are special venturi/cage assemblies as well as 304 and 316 stainless steel and epoxy coated cages designed to meet the most demanding applications.

For the majority of applications, non-woven polyacrylnitrile cloth is used, giving high Filtration efficiency with low pressure drop. For dust with acid or alkaline properties, polypropylene and other synthetic fibres are available. Nomex, Teflon & Fibre Glass media are used for high temperature applications. Different kinds of treatments are available to reduce the adhesion forces of dust, to improve the cleanability of the filter media, to improve water repellence and to improve the filtration efficiency.

Genius Pre Filter Pad is disposable and easy to install. By compressing 3.75″ deep pad into 2″ depth of the retaining frame, installing the Genius Pre Filter Pads also increases the density of the pad and its arrestance (89% average).

Most common bags are shipped within one to two weeks of ordering.

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