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Filter Media

“A filter medium is any material that, under the operating conditions of the filter, is permeable to one or more components of a mixture, solution or suspension, and is impermeable to the remaining components”. Filter Medias range from metal plates with holes measure in millimeters to microporous membranes and from sheets to cloth to sand beds.

Properties of Filter Media : A successful filter medium is likely to be required to combine many different properties, ranging from its filtration characteristics and its chemical resistance to its mechanical strength, the dimensions in which it is available and its wettability. These properties can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Machine-oriented properties.
  • Application-oriented properties.
  • Filtration-specific properties.
Types of General Filter Media
  • Papers
  • Spunbonded fibres
  • Needle Felts
  • Woven polypropylene
  • Woven cotton
  • Woven wire mesh
  • Microfiltration membranes
  • Porous ceramics
  • Five-layer sintered wire mesh